Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Traveling Odditorium 
Photo Shoot
at the
Devil's Attic
647 West Hill Street
Saturday, May 23rd
Noon - 3 pm

from our friends at the Traveling Odditorium.....

Devil's Attic is a haunted house attraction that is currently closed for the season until Halloween time.
The owner of the attraction, a fantastic gentleman, has allowed us to come to the Attic and take some professional pictures/movies.  Some of the sets include a throne room, a giant undead dragon, a steampunk lab, a Victorian era room, a corn field, and many more unique looking rooms!  Some of the scenes do get a little dark and gory, and may frighten small children.

We (The Odditorium) are looking for people who are interested in joining us as an extra for a photo shoot this Saturday at 12 pm.  We need zombies, vampires and other monsters.  We will have a professional photographer on site and this will be a great opportunity to get some fantastic pictures made!  That being said, you can come join us and get pictures made in your normal steampunk clothing and may not be a monster for us.  However, if you do plan to do this, there will be a $15.00 charge.  If you are wanting to be a monster for us then there is no charge, as you will be an extra.  We do have some clothing available for individuals wanting to be a zombie (and possibly a vampire as well) but we recommend that you provide your own clothing, just in case, even normal steampunk clothing with blood on your face will work in order to be a zombie (so you can bring your own clothing and we will supply the gore and blood).  We have people in our group that are great with blood and makeup, and will be able to give you that "Zombie/Vampire" look.

Please note, that this event is for our family, the Corn Island Steampunk Society and the Odditorium members.  We would love to have outside groups and people participate but we are paying for time and some spaces of the attraction are small and would get congested wasting time.  We will have a great time and are planning on going out to eat afterwards.  I hope that you will join us for this unique experience.  Thanks everyone.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thanks to all who came out tonight to the Corn Island Steampunk Society's May meet,
it's hard to believe this time next month we will be celebrating our 4th year Anniversary.

My apologies for any confusion in tonight being meeting night as we had to cancel the group's picnic
due to schedule discrepancies and we have decided to move that event to the Fall and proceed with our regularly scheduled 3rd Sunday of the month meet night.

Those who missed it also out  on getting a chance to purchase the "Official, Member's Only" Corn Island Steampunk Society pins but no worries - you can get one at the next (June) meet for just $5 from Phoenix and the Kyote.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

***** 3rd Time BOMB....

I regret to inform you that the picnic and Nerf Duel originally planned for next Saturday, May 16th has once again been postponed due to another party, at the last minute, renting the entire property at the Louisville Water Tower.  The lady at the Water Tower still would honor the Facility Tour but could not allow us usage of the outside property with this event setting up.  

I told her that with the warmer months (June, July & August) now fast approaching, and everyone being in full Steampunk costume, we are better off postponing and planning something this Fall when the temps are much cooler.

This picnic WILL go on if it kills me.  We have been planning this now 3 times in the last two years, it's just not the right time as of now.

I do apologize.  Our monthly meeting WILL go on as planned on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  See y'all next Sunday, May 17th.

May Corn Island Steampunk Society Meet
Sunday, May 17th
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Kingfish On The River
601 W Riverside Drive
Jeffersonville, IN  47130

Come One, Come All to our monthly meet along the river
and share in an evening of fine camaraderie and food,
all in Steampunk attire with your friends at the 
Corn Island Steampunk Society

See Ya There!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Coming SOON!!!

Corn Island Steampunk Society
Official Members Only 
Lapel Pins

Ships Wheel, Gears and an Octopus to match our Society logo perfectly.
These handcrafted pins were expertly designed and made by
Steampunk Artisan and Corn Island member, 
Julie Moss Conrad 
and the Phoenix and the Kyote

Wear Them With Pride!
More details on how to get yours coming SOON!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

For anyone interested...
These were spotted on a midnight run to Meijers on Charlestown Road in Indiana,
 in the automotive section and I thought I would share as they would make a cool addition
to any Steampunk weapon or even an ammo box....